ESG community X SDG

how the ESG factors can be implemented in
the context of the clothing industry, particularly school uniforms :


Switch to sustainable materials such as organic cotton, plant based fibre (bamboo, corn, woods), or recycled polyester for the production of school uniforms. They could also reduce energy consumption in their production processes or use renewable energy sources.


Maintaining health and safety standards is crucial. Incorporate antimicrobial technologies into the production process of school uniforms to reduce bacterial contamination, thus providing added protection for students, parents, and teachers. Fair labor practices are essential. Moreover, the school could ensure inclusivity by designing uniforms that cater to a diverse range of body types and cultural sensitivities.


Create a clear “green procurement” or ESG code of conduct, regularly share ESG performance reports, and form a committee to oversee ESG implementation. Additionally, they could establish a uniform recycling program to minimize waste.