Parent Explains Why She Chose ESGschool Uniform

I'm Linda, a busy parent in Hong Kong. I have two energetic boys and I have to do laundry every day when I come home. Clothes are often worn out in a short period of time and do not last a year or even a season, so I have been looking for a reliable school uniform supplier in Hong Kong.

Through a friend's introduction, I met a school uniform company, which is known for its export quality. This gives me confidence in their products, knowing the quality is solid and feels good in the hand.

I pay particular attention to the collar design for boys’ shirts because the first thing I see is the face and neck.. I wish the sweatshirts my kids were wearing were more breathable so they could move freely instead of feeling stuffy.

In addition, environmental awareness is also one of my considerations. Because my export company also pays attention to this, it is also very popular abroad. These values ​​have become a shared responsibility in the community.

For the sake of the future of the planet and the next generation, I think sustainable fashion suppliers in Hong Kong are worth encouraging.