CEO Paul Chan Shares His Mission on Sustainable School Uniform and Fashion

Hello, I am Paul Chan of Hanin Enterprise Group. Our company has a history of more than fifty years focusing on production for international fashion brands. This year, we started making environmentally friendly functional school uniforms. This new field gave me a great sense of mission.

As a parent, it gives me great satisfaction when I see my daughter wearing the school’s newly designed uniform. These uniforms truly showcase the image and ethos of the school.

For students, wearing neat and comfortable school uniforms can help them express themselves with confidence. We hope that through these newly designed Hong Kong school uniforms, students will look beautiful and dignified when wearing them. We look forward to maintaining the image of "handsome boys and pretty girls" and also hope to continue to provide schools with more high-quality clothing products.

Better and Functional Fabrics to Make School Uniforms

When we talk about Hong Kong school uniforms, we often focus on the texture of the fabric. School uniforms in the past may have been non-breathable and simple, but today's designs pay more attention to comfort and functionality. This includes properties such as moisture-wicking, antibacterial and UV protection to meet the needs of students during their activities.

For me, this inspired a new concept - eco-friendly school uniforms. As environmental protection and sustainable development issues receive increasing attention, I believe this will not be a topic that will continue to be discussed in the next five, ten or even twenty or thirty years.

Environmental Friendly and Sustainable School Uniforms Getting Attention in Hong Kong

Therefore, for the Hong Kong school uniform industry, environmental protection and sustainable development are not just a trend or market demand, it represents an important direction to actively respond to social needs and promote the development of the industry. Let us work together to create school uniform products that are more in line with future needs.

When talking about environmental protection today, is it as simple as not wearing clothes or buying less clothes? We should think about the impact our choices will have on the earth and the next generation. As a parent, you can start with school uniforms. If every parent can pay attention to the quality and frequency of use of school uniforms, they can contribute to environmental protection.

Through cooperation, schools, principals, enterprises and suppliers can enhance the awareness of "green environmental protection" and enable students to wear better and more durable school uniforms. This is not only a good thing, but also a direction worth pursuing. It is hoped that all relevant parties can work together to make Hong Kong’s school uniform industry more friendly to the earth and the next generation.